Frontier Games
Verloren and The Fairfax Cluster
In production

The planet Verloren and the Fairfax Cluster, are exciting new settings to include in the growing
universe of Old Frontiers.  Look for them in Spring 2009!
Old Frontiers

"Old Frontiers" is an exciting pen and paper role-playing
game set far in the future after a long dark age during
which interstellar travel was impossible.  Three planets
have rediscovered interstellar travel and are currently
re-exploring the remnants of Humanities once vast
empire.  It is a universe filled with peril, be from mounting
international tensions, domestic problems, or from the
regular personal drama of every day life in a rapidly
changing society.  Your players may be explorers
searching for fun and profit on alien worlds; or members
of their planets military or government trying to thwart an
interplanetary espionage ring; or perhaps just regular
people who get caught up in the turbulence of the times.

The core book “Old Frontiers” contains everything you
need to run a planet based game including the three core
planets: The noble world of Eir, the mercantile world of
Ballingschap and the theocratic world Nven.  Each of the
three worlds has its own distinct history and culture from
which to draw story ideas and on which to base your
characters.  The rules emphasise fast pace action with an
emphasis on player creativity and role-playing.
News & Updates
The Dark is now
available for online sale.

Frontier Games will be a
Polaris 2009 July

Old Frontiers Core Rule
Book is now available for
online sale.

Frontier Games will be at
Concept Montreal Oct
17-19 2008.

OF Character Sheet has
been added as a free

The Old Frontiers
was launched
at GenCon Indy 2008!
The Dark
Launching at Polaris 2009!

The first supplement to "Old Frontiers,  “The Dark”
contains everything you need to know about space and
space ships including the rules for starship combat and
custom starship creation.  

Frontier Games will be at Polaris 2009!
Look for the Frontier Games Team at Polaris in Toronto
ON CA  July 10th-12th; they''ll be running demos and will
have copies on hand!!